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Make Gelato

Gelato isn’t just a fancy Italian word for ice cream. There is a difference, and it’s mostly in the balance of milk and cream. Ice cream usually contains a lot of cream and some milk, whereas gelato is mostly milk with a little cream. As a result, gelato tends to have a more intense flavour, a very smooth texture and a lower fat content.


Our Flavours are unique in each and every way.

Our gelato and sorbets are made from the best ingredients we can find, and we never ever use any artificial flavouring or colouring. After all, how are you meant to make the best gelato, without the best ingredients? 


Grab a scoop or two of our handmade gelati and sorbetti at our new Edinburgh gelateria.

Find us in Bonnie & Wild, a new indoor Scottish food market in the St James Quarter. We'll be offering an everchanging selection of classic and inventive gelati, made from the best local and seasonal ingredients. 

Get your favourite gelati delivered at home. Our delivery service will be returning in August.

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Find us at your local markets all year round.

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Catering that's just a little bit 'cooler'.

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Love & Ice cream is in the air.